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Hello all! decided inbetween projects I would vector some fun fandom things :3 

One of my recent obsessions is the “I <3 Eevee” line of pokemon merchandise. I *KNOW* I’m not alone in this and have many other friends whom collect and adore everyones little multi-evolution fox. So I decided to vector the tag art of them (sans Sylveon/Nynphia- that is mere fan speculation) 

Pictured are the wallpapers for the iphone5 (will make another post for ones of the 4S) for now, share and enjoy! I simply ask you dont claim them as your own, just link back here :)


GUYS JUST WOW. ok… super humbled here. ;_; almost 2k’s worth of favs and reblogs? (too bad this never happened with my own art lol!) I really am humbled by all the notes on this as well as all the new followers! <3

I’ll try to post the ones for the 4s today!

but for all my new followers (which nearly broke my inbox this AM!) thank you! and HELLO! ^u^ This is normally an art blog for my own designs/artwork but it has been overtaken by fan related stupid-happy stuff XD 

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